On behalf of the principal, staff and students of Tonga College, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our school website. Tonga College was founded by His Majesty, King Siaosi Tupou 1, the Lion of Tonga in October 1882. The purpose of this school is to prepare and empower young Tongan males to develop the Kingdom for its people. Since then, the school has become a home and mother to some of the most influential people of our Island.

This website aims to collect and store information about our school, inform interested parties of our annual progress and connect the school to its support people such as parents, ex-students and the people of Tonga. Achieving and maintaining good connections with our support people will highly contribute to how we address and solve some of the key issues faced by our school and will contribute to achieving our vision and missions.

So we welcome you, and hope you enjoy your visit to our site. Any information, history or feedback is much appreciated in order to assist in developing and improving this site.

Faka’apa’apa atu,



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